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autumn daughters. by danydiniz

I'm not an expert in fashion, so forgive me if my review is innacurate. (Acronyms in use.)

WG- Suiting the theme perfectly with its pastel collors and flowing shape

S- Doesn't suit theme at all. Something green and/or cream colored and simple would be better. I also find this gaudy.

NA- Beautiful and mostly suiting, though the hairpeice is way to large to be practical.

ML- Many would think of moonlight as to be represented only by cold colors and smoothness but your frilly, warm interpretation suits wonderfully! Perhaps my favorite, but I find the high-cut front to be used too much, but then again I never liked dresses with high-cut fronts to be nice in the first place.

NF-With its dark colors and floral pattern It suits the tite quite well.

IV- I have nothing to say except "It's beautiful."

ST- The shape and color scheme cause the "soft" part of its name to be a misnomer, but I love the design anyway.

UI- Suits wonderfully and very unique.

WU- While it fits the title well it's way too wild to actually look good. I find it to be too bulky for its vivid color accents.

NF- Well suited and of fair appearance for the most part, but what the heck is going on with the huge ball of flowers above the left shoulder?

EM- Fitting but still with your own twist makes this one my favorite of the group which if tied only with ML.
MP- A gaudy, predictable misnomer. Excepting the hat, I find this to be the attire of a rich snob with delusions of grandeur. The pattern resembles fish scales and the color is the bright yellow-green-brown of many unpleasant things. As if that wasn't bad enough, the puffy, black feathers add a disproportionate appearance to the outfit.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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danydiniz Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for analyzing my artwork! It's interesting that you compared the designs with the titles I gave to them.
I recognize my designs are very exaggerated, thus not being very practical for a daily basis or even adequate - but this was done on purpose. That means if one day they were created, they wouldn't be "Ready-To-Wear" (RTW) clothes, but yes, conceptual - my vision of that autumn and my interpretation of determinate subject. Many changes would be made in case they were RTW.
I understand that you find my titles sometimes to be misnomer, but for me they actually make sense. That happens because they are my personal interpretation - you and everyone else would probably interpretate those titles differently. "Safari" per example, that you said that should be green or cream, for me makes no sense. Given that it is a wild expedition, in my mind comes all colors and details nature provide us - wonders that you would see during the safari.
Well, I have no intention to argue with you. We all have our own opinion and point of view! I just wanted to make this clear. :)
Thank you very much for the compliments and for the tips. And also for providing your personal opinion. Paying attention to such details will help me improve in my designs compositions in the future. :aww:
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